Bike Stand

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Peg Savers

Titanium  1 set $69.95

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Stainless Steel  1 set $39.95

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Aluminum  1 set $29.95

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PepsX Peg Savers come in Titanium, Stainless Steel and Aluminum. they are designed to fit the Honda Goldwings stock pegs. One hole will need to be drilled in each foot peg to attach the pegs savers. (see, or download instructions for details)

PepsX Bike Stands are made from 11ga steel tubing, welded solid for maximun strength, and powder coated black. Vinyl protective strips on top to protect the frame.

this product has been discontinued

No longer available

Peg Saver Assembly Instructions

Titanium peg saver on Goldwing peg shown

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